Sunday, November 14, 2010

vinyl blocks

I have been playing around with 2.4's


  1. Lorrie I just looked at your blog...beautiful work!!
    I wanted to ask you about the jewelry holders and the great blocks that you vinyl. What type of wood do you get? Where do you get it? What type of paint do you use? Do you glue paper on some of them? What kind of glue do you use? Wow, sorry, that was a ton of questions. TFS

  2. I buy 2x4's at home depot and cut them myself. Sand and paint with craft paint det dry over night and modge podge paper on the block. Then I put my vinyl on it. you can modge podge over the paper too if you want. I have done it both ways.

  3. the jewelry holders I think I did 1 x 4 wood.