Saturday, October 17, 2009

Necklace Holder for Kelsie's dorm

Kelsie needed a place to put her jewelry, so I made this for her really quick.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The green is on a board I got from Dollar tree. I painted it, let it dry 24 hours, then coated it with matte finish. when it dried I applied the vinyl and added a ribbon. I think the green and brown look nice together. Here is the same working, but on a ceramic tile. It has a picture hanger on the back. I just hope it stays on. It has been on there for a couple of weeks, but i had put one on another tile, and it got cold and the picture hanger came off. maybe if its not in my cold basement it will be ok. cross your fingers. LOL
This is a rose that I cut out in vinyl with my wedding cartridge. I then weeded the rose out of the vinyl. threw away the rose, and used transfer tape to put the rose on the tile. 4x4 size. I used alcohol inks to put the flower on the tile. let it dry a few days and sprayed a very light coat of matte finish on it. let it dry another day. then i put several layers of matte finish (like 4) so it won't bleed when I use if for a coaster.